5. Eduard Serga. The atomic nucleus theory. New ideas and results. Verlag “Lambert Aca-demic Publishing”. Saarbrücken. 2017. ISBN: 978-3-330-07652-5. – 98 p.

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Fundamental ideas of the author's theory are: intra-nuclear gravity; intra-nuclear fusion (neutrons' redoing into other particles); the presence of negative nuclear field' mass component (equivalent to nuclear fitld' energy); the insolvency of the nuclear forces' hipothesis; the intra-nuclear fusion reactions' likcing with nuclear radioactivity. Nuclear reactions are marced only by the change of nuclear field' mass component, whereas nuclear matter' mass remains unchanged. The author's helion-hidrogen model has no the main defect of existing models - the uncertainty about relation between necleus structure fnd propertie. Nuclei consist of protons and electron grouping into nuclear particles, which are (as in Pauling's model). The author's new results are: base equations of nucleus structure; development os structure-mass analiysis method for definition the most stable nucleus structure; new isotopes theory explanding isomerism, stability of magic nuclei  and and heavy nuclei' ability to the decaying; new theory of neutron and deuteron constructions. The book has for readers interesting in new ideas of nuclear physics.

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