Serga E. V. Is it possible to make the gravitation’ controlling? GRAVITY RESEARCH FOUNDATION. Рosted 26 Mar 2018. – 5 Р.

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The idea about experimental verification of the gravity’ controlling has presenting. The physical vacuum has considered as a material medium of the gravitational waves’ propagation. In accordance with the theoretically justified position, vacuum pairs “proton-antiproton” are the carriers of gravitation waves. Consequently, violation of the vacuum’ structure and properties (as of the medium-conductor for gravity waves) can be done by the vacuum pairs’ separating into individual protons and antiprotons. It has proposed to be carried out with using of modern accel-erator for collision of protons (similar to the experiment that was ended with the antiproton’ dis-covery in 1955, Barkly, USA).  A change of gravity force (in local area of the accelerator’ inter-nal volume) may be fixed by a measuring device mounted on the accelerator body.    

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